We get it, going to the gym and going through the same workout routine can become boring. You become burnt out and cannot even muster the energy to get in your vehicle and head to the gym. How can you get back into an effective workout routine? How about a fun, stress-blasting workout that involves punching, kicking, elbowing, and kneeing?

Kickboxing is a relatively new way of getting both the strength endurance gains of long workout sessions at the gym and the body toning of a run. It has become a favorite amongst many who are looking for a great way to get in shape without the repetitiveness of the normal gym routines.


At JabX Kickboxing we offer a fun alternative to your typical workout routine. Our kickboxing classes in West Hollywood are fun, fast-paced, challenging, and will leave you feeling great. If you are considering joining a kickboxing class, we’re here to share some of the amazing benefits of kickboxing and why you should sign up today!


By combining martial arts techniques and heart-pumping cardio, kickboxing works to burn calories extremely fast. This high-intensity will also speed up your metabolism and because kickboxing engages your entire body, you will generally see quick muscle-toning results. While you’re kicking and punching, the cardio-conditioning element of kickboxing is known to be one of the most effective ways to burn fat


The — cardio-intense — full-body workout that puts your skills to the test. Kickboxing classes put a lot of tension on the core when performing punches and kicks, which in turn develops better posture and increased balance. The seemingly-indefinite amount of kickboxing movements have numerous benefits, ranging from increased flexibility to improve strength or endurance. Throughout kickboxing classes, instructors guide class members through stages such as stretching and working the punching bag. The ability to react quickly to instructions and situations enables participants to quickly improve coordination and reflexes, leaving you feeling sharper than ever.


Another bonus of kickboxing is that it is an incredible stress-crusher, as it increases the release of endorphins, which act as a mood-booster and de-stressing hormones. Relieve yourself of mental stress and let it all out in our kickboxing studio — the act of hitting a punching bag is a brilliant way of kicking frustration and stress to the curb, allowing you to be refreshed and reinvigorated by the sessions.


The techniques learned in kickboxing classes can give you a major self-confidence boost, knowing that if the situation were to ever arise, you know the correct self-defense techniques and are confident to use them. At JabX Kickboxing, we work with you to learn and execute the proper form of kickboxing techniques that engage every bit of your body to give you the most effective kickboxing workout ever.


Kickboxing classes are a great way to alleviate a common problem of ‘gym boredom’. By combining a cardio-intense session with a pressing muscle workout, the versatile nature of kickboxing lends itself to reigniting your motivation to exercise and essentially have fun again.

These are just a few of the many benefits that our kickboxing classes offer. If you want to experience the benefits of kickboxing and are searching for kickboxing classes in West Hollywood, contact JabX Kickboxing Fitness.

At our kickboxing studio, it is our mission is to provide a safe, supportive, and empowering environment for anyone interested in an alternative form of fitness that builds a healthy mind, body, and spirit. If you’re trying our classes for the first time, the first one is on us. Check out our class schedule and sign up today!