Sheila Kim, Founder and Certified Instructor

Sheila Kim is the founder of JabX Kickboxing Fitness. An ISSA certified personal trainer, Sheila has been a certified instructor for multiple kickboxing and bootcamp programs since 2012. Her passion for fitness and love for kickboxing led her to create JabX in 2015, an intense, stress-blasting, fun kickboxing workout that helped countless people get into shape. She changes her workout program daily to provide maximum cross-training benefits and is always developing new ways to keep things fresh and challenging.

Sheila was the first runner-up of 2014’s King 5’s Best of Western Washington “Best Fitness Instructor” category, and the first Washington State Fitness Movemeant Ambassador for The Movemeant Foundation. In 2017, she was featured in Seattle Magazine’s “Tips From Seattle’s Top Trainers” (Feb 2017 printed edition).

Courtney Cotton, Instructor

Courtney grew up loving sports and noticed early on physical activity has a positive effect on people mentally just as much as it does physically. From running cross country and track, to playing basketball, and even roller derby, Courtney has always loved the sense of camaraderie that comes from group fitness. In 2009, she graduated with a BS in Kinesiology, and in 2016, she fell in love with kickboxing. Nothing beats the sense of strength and accomplishment and joy kickboxing has brought into her life, which is what she hopes to share with others.

Derek Ross, Instructor

Derek grew up participating in many sports and was always looking for an opportunity to stay active. Throughout college he coached little league baseball and played in softball leagues. He was always involved in weight lifting, running, basketball, martial arts, swimming and whatever else kept his body moving. After graduating college, he found himself stuck working behind the desk for over a decade. He eventually decided to toss the keyboard aside and start his own business. This allowed him the freedom to pursue his passion in making fitness apart of his career. Derek is excited to cultivate and share his love of fitness through kickboxing. And he hopes to inspire others to always strive for personal growth and happiness.