Kickboxing involves a variety of movements that are effective at sculpting muscles, shredding fat, boosting your metabolism, and increasing your cardiovascular fitness. Not to mention, it is much more fun than running in place on a treadmill.

At JabX Kickboxing, when you sign up for our kickboxing classes in West Hollywood, our certified instructors will teach you authentic kickboxing movements, techniques, and combinations. We teach more MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) inspired movements. If you haven’t tried one of our kickboxing classes before, sign up here, and continue reading to get an idea of two of the basic movements you will learn.

The Uppercut

Even beginning kickboxers can master the uppercut, however, it is challenging enough to test your muscles and give you an effective workout. To do a proper uppercut, drop your fist, keep your elbows close to your ribs with your palm turned up. Squeezing your obliques, rotate your torso bringing your fist upward, either striking a punching bag or the air. This movement works out your obliques and your upper body. Performing this movement in short, quick intervals can help you burn calories and shred body fat.

The Front Kick

Effective at building strong, powerful calves, quads, hamstrings, abdominals and your core, front kicks are a fundamental kickboxing movement incorporated into the workouts at JabX. to perform a front kick, stand with your left foot forward with your fists near your face in a fighting stance. Shift your weight to one foot, bring the knee of the opposite leg up to your chest with your foot flexed and your heel near your glute muscles. With your fists still at your chin, kick the flexed foot straight out from the hip, leading with the heel. After your strike, quickly retract the foot and return to the fighting stance.

Of course, the instructors at JabX will help teach you the proper form of these movements to ensure you get the most out of them. If you are ready to learn these movements and other kickboxing techniques, contact us or sign up online today!